About Us

Set in the beautiful surroundings of pineapple country, Shaw Park is a small, co-ed school situated outside Port Alfred and Bathurst. We educate about 80 children every year from Grade RR to Grade seven in an environment where our children feel safe and secure and have the freedom to develop to their full potential. Much of the school’s success lies in the team of dedicated teachers and staff who often go beyond the call of duty to ensure that each and every child is cared for and acquires the skills necessary to develop into caring, confident and respectful adults who are able to cope with life in all its spheres. We strive, at all times, to live up to our motto, “Initium Validum” (a good start) by giving our learners the very best grounding in all spheres of their development. At Shaw Park our children are encouraged to be children and to enjoy all that nature has to offer. While the school provides an environment where learning is fun, we expect cooperation, a positive attitude and mutual respect from all our pupils.


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