Double Triumph for Shaw Park Primary Netball Teams! 🏆🎉
What a sensational day of netball action it was at Shaw Park Primary! Our young netball stars showcased their talent and determination, securing victories in both the under 9s and under 13s matches against El Shaddai.
👧🏼🏐 Under 9s Match Recap:
Shaw Park Primary’s under 9s netball team demonstrated great skill on the court as they obtained a hard-fought 1-0 victory against El Shaddai. The young athletes displayed remarkable skill, dominating the field and creating numerous scoring opportunities. Their teamwork and dedication were truly inspiring, leaving everyone proud of their performance. Both teams exhibited excellent sportsmanship, and the spectators on both sides were nothing short of supportive and respectful. Kudos to our under 9s girls for their exceptional sportsmanship and triumph on the court!
👧🏽🏐 Under 13s Match Recap:
The under 13s netball team from Shaw Park Primary continued the winning streak with an exhilarating 4-3 victory over El Shaddai. The match was a rollercoaster of excitement, with our girls showcasing their strategic skills and determination. They faced tough competition but managed to secure the win through their relentless efforts and coordinated play. The sportsmanship on display from both teams was commendable, reflecting the true spirit of the game. The supportive and well-behaved spectators added to the electric atmosphere, making it a memorable day for everyone involved.
A special shoutout goes to our dedicated coaching duo, Miss Dee and Miss Honiball. Miss Dee’s guidance and expertise played a significant role in both victories. Her leadership and coaching were evident in the exceptional performances of our young athletes.
Congratulations to both our under 9s and under 13s teams for their outstanding achievements, and a big round of applause to their opponents for their competitive spirit. Thank you to the well-behaved spectators who created a positive and supportive environment for all. Here’s to more victories and memorable matches ahead! 🎊👏 #ShawParkNetballStars

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